The order of the Teras Kasi was formed in the shadow of the great Sith Empire. Forged on the principles of returning the empire to the ways of the True Sith and abolish the idea of destroying itself and dwindling their own numbers and thus doing the republic’s job for them. With the force on their side a Pure Blooded Sith and a red skinned Zabrak raised themselves in the ranks and began to form this order in their own image. One of both light and dark, good and evil, balance.

After nearly a year they wrested control from the order’s absentee leader. Taking what they had built and beginning their vision. The now dark lady Sanbei Tashiel, built a ruling council comprised with the best and brightest. Her apprentice Kadinn Shadowspire, Her Consort Tennin Kehar, Darth Onaeya, and Telok’Alor of Clan Jennis.

After nearly three years, the Order of the Iron Fist continues to train and lead the young acolytes of the Empire in their ways. Forging alliances in unusual places gave them the ability to gain footholds in the galaxy.

As the need for new military forces and a defense from a galactic threat rises once again, the Teras Kasi branches out to solidify those allies and join force with the mysterious Outlander against the Eternal Empire.

Teras Kasi

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