Teras Kasi

Malevolent No More

The TKV Malevolent swung slowly in space.

Patches over her hull showed signs of fraying and decay, as the grand old ship pivoted in high orbit, the viewports filled with the other ship. Impact rocks the mighty vessel, as her primary shield deflectors fell away, hurtling toward the planet. The bridge didn’t have time to hope the debris had missed the stronghold of Bastion. An explosion engulfed them, extinguished as the void of space claimed screams, smoke and flame.

Slowly, the port blade of the Malevolent tilted inward until it struck the right. Ships attempting to leave the main hangars found themselves unable to maneuver, and trapped against a hopeless tangle of wreckage. A body came to rest against the viewport of the lead ship, exploded eyes in the vacuum of space whispering of the abyss to the frightened pilot inside.

. . .

Tennin startled awake.

He was alone in his quarters. It wasn’t the first or even a rare occasion where he woke alone, but this time he desperately needed to know that Sanbei Tashiel was not on the bridge. He fumbled in the darkness for his holocom, and sent a signal that received immediate reply. His face flooded with relief, he said only, “We need to talk.”

Hours later, the core of the Hand was seated in their chambers. “Desolation’s scanners are scouring the Outer Rim for signs of the ship you described,” Electus intoned from behind his mask. “Thus far, they have revealed nothing.”

Telok leaned forward in his seat at the small council table, hands laced together. Tazmi looked toward him with slight concern. He didn’t rattle easily.

“Well,” Tori’av’ane said, checking the readouts as she lounged against the bulkhead, “the ship you described definitely fits the description of a Zakuulan vessel.” She gestured toward the table as she transferred the image she had been working on. “An Imperator-Class scout, by appearances.”

Xunxhim shook his head. “Lunacy,” he declared.

“Lunacy would be ignoring this vision,” Tennin warned.

The Rattataki persisted, “Nightmare.”

Sanbei stood before her throne. Tennin looked away immediately. Xunxhim took a full two seconds to lower his eyes and nod. “Gentlemen,” she offered quietly, “this is not the time to take petty shots at each other. We need to know whether this is an genuine threat.”

Telok shook his head. “A ship that small couldn’t threaten us with our navigational deflectors down,” he said. “Chunks of space dust would be more dangerous.”

“They don’t need to destroy us,” Tennin said finally. “…only delay us.”

Sanbei spread her hands in invitation. “Let’s assume for a moment that this is a vision,” she said, and she nodded toward Xunxhim before he could object. “Let’s also assume that this ship has the potential to slow us down, even cripple us.”

She had walked down the throne steps to the small council table.

“How do we stop them?”

The room was silent for a time. Then everyone started talking. They talked long into the night, and after a while Tennin looked up to notice that San, returning to her throne, had fallen fast asleep. When he looked back toward the table, Xunxhim was staring at him.

He offered a rare smile. “She trusts us to handle this,” he said quietly. “Come.”

Xunxhim led them out of the council chamber, and while the guards looked on they began to form a plan to save themselves from a threat they could not see… that was coming… they knew not when. All the while, Xunxhim wondered why he had not received such a vision, almost enough to dismiss it.


. . .

Xeetai shook her head. “We are not running away to Rattatak!” she decided.

“No,” Xunxhim said, raising a hand. “We are returning to attend our children.” At her hangdog look, he added, “We have new Sith to train, after all, and they may well be among them.”

Xeetai finally nodded, and relented.

“This is the right choice. You’ll see.”

Xeetai was on her way to the hangar, while her guards prepared to assume their stations without their leader for the second time. “Why?”

“Because if the end does come, we shall have the very best view.” The doors began to close as Xunxhim concluded, “Far away.”

Shadows of Revan

The Revanite Rebellion begins in earnest.

For centuries since his disappearance, Revan has drawn followers from across the galaxy. Most of his followers were content to explore the Force, as aspects of Light and Dark, as scholarly constructs, as theories.

But a splinter fringe saw the Force as an opportunity, and they used it to wage war on the entire galaxy, Republic and Empire alike. In the end, Revan was narrowly defeated by a combined effort between an unauthorized alliance of Imperial and Republic troops.

A Wound in the Force

It was an ancient machine referred to in several texts alongside apocrypha depicting the power of Darth Nihilus. The Siphon was exactly what was depicted in the ancient stories—a machine of Rakatan design capable of stealing the Force energy from one being…. and steal it for another.

Similar to machines and artifacts found in the depths of the prison on Belsavis, Siphon was controlled by a series of relics referred to as The Keys. One key, lightweight and bronze in color, had the power to collect Force energy, and contain it. A second, matte black and seemingly made of a Force-resistant alloy, also consumed Force energy, but used the energy to power the machine.

A third key was rumored to have the power to transfer power from one willing Force user to another willing Force user—but the transfer of such vast amounts of energy tended to destroy the body of the recipient, just as the loss of so much power tended to cause fugue or even spontaneous coma and death in beings who sacrificed more of themselves than they could afford to lose.

There were three other keys whose powers remained unknown, and were never uncovered—but it was known they were useless without the others. They were last known to have been stored together, and might even have been destroyed incidentally near the end of the Great Hyperspace War.

Further information was known to have been researched by a Fallen Jedi, and retained in a datacron outlining force suppression techniques used by the Jedi Council. The loss of the force suppression knowledge was a serious blow to the Jedi, and without the machine, the remaining information about Siphon was useless. Eventually, the datacron was stored in a box lined in materials known to resist Force energy.

Very few of these “force null” boxes were known to exist, which ultimately made the technology easier to find, instead of harder.

According to instruction, the keys could be used to influence an sentient device known as the Mother Machine, capable or reorganizing biomatter at the subatomic level. According to Mother Machine’s databanks, she may have influenced the creation of a thousand life forms, including twi’lek and a dozen other intelligent races as servitors for the Rakata. It was believed she was being used to genetically enhance a Force-sensitive species, giving or taking away force ability from any species it has the ability to remake.

The keys could also be used to control Mother Machine. The sheer scope of danger this possibility represented was enough to cause the council of the Teras Kasi to locate the keys, and destroy Siphon.

This had the unintended effect of freeing Mother Machine, who chose to set out across the galaxy in search of previous versions of her own program—in essence, predecessors. While there have been rumors, she has not been definitively heard from since.

Star Wars
The Old Republic

The order of the Teras Kasi was formed in the shadow of the great Sith Empire. Forged on the principles of returning the empire to the ways of the True Sith and abolish the idea of destroying itself and dwindling their own numbers and thus doing the republic’s job for them. With the force on their side a Pure Blooded Sith and a red skinned Zabrak raised themselves in the ranks and began to form this order in their own image. One of both light and dark, good and evil, balance.

After nearly a year they wrested control from the order’s absentee leader. Taking what they had built and beginning their vision. The now dark lady Sanbei Tashiel, built a ruling council comprised with the best and brightest. Her apprentice Kadinn Shadowspire, Her Consort Tennin Kehar, Darth Onaeya, and Telok’Alor of Clan Jennis.

After nearly three years, the Order of the Iron Fist continues to train and lead the young acolytes of the Empire in their ways. Forging alliances in unusual places gave them the ability to gain footholds in the galaxy.

As the need for new military forces and a defense from a galactic threat rises once again, the Teras Kasi branches out to solidify those allies and join force with the mysterious Outlander against the Eternal Empire.


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